Permission for Photography
& Image Release Terms Agreement


I hereby grant Dawn M Gibson Photography and its legal representatives the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs taken of me, and my name, and likeness for editorial, promotional, advertising or any other purpose and in any manner and medium. This includes but is not limited to: using photos in print publications, business cards, postcards, advertisements, website portfolio pages, blog posts and use on social media pages (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

I hereby release and hold harmless Dawn M Gibson Photography from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality for myself and/or any minor child and/or children listed below associated with the images specified above.  

I further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and that neither I and/or the minor child or children will receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these photographs or participation in Dawn M Gibson Photography marketing materials or other publications.  

I acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever. I hereby release Dawn M Gibson Photography, its contractors, its employees, and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of marketing materials, from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation and/or the minor children listed below.  


I hereby acknowledge and agree that images from this session are being released only to myself and the other individuals pictured in the included photographs. I acknowledge and agree that this release does NOT include rights of sale or copyright, and that copyright for all images is retained by Dawn M Gibson Photography.

Along with the images, I will receive personal printing rights to the photographs – which means not only can I print the photos as desired for use in my own home or office, but I can also use the images to make prints or gifts to give to family/friends. I may make photo prints, albums, holiday cards, or any other personal items such as calendars, mugs, etc. that I deem necessary and appropriate. Along with the personal printing rights, I will have personal social media sharing rights – which means I can also share the images on my personal social media pages (facebook, instagram) as long as photo credit is provided for the photographer.

However, I acknowledge and agree that I will NOT and DO NOT have rights to:

• Distribute, email, transfer, or share the high resolution (digital) images with others
• Crop, alter, or color-adjusted these photographs in any way (incl. instagram filters)
• Sell these images for resale or profit
• Submit these photos into photo contests of any kind (whether in print or on social media)
• Submit these images for use in publications or magazines of any kind
• Use these images in any personal business advertisements or promotional materials

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By checking these boxes and typing my name below, I am electronically signing this model release form. I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.
Request for no online or social media sharing
I specifically request that Dawn M Gibson Photography withhold from sharing our photos on her website, blog, and social media pages (facebook, instagram, etc), in order to protect our privacy. (This does not include posting photos to an online gallery for the clients personal use and ordering.)
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Minor Model Release Authorization *
Further, I attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child or children listed below and that I have full authority to consent and authorize Dawn M Gibson Photoghraphy to use their likenesses and names.