Giving the gift of beautiful photographs...

To those who came before us

I can't even put into words how much I love photographing grandparents; whether widowed or a cute couple still trekking through life together all these years later. The lessons our elders have taught us are invaluable and their time with us is a fragile, uncertain thing. If you need portraits of special grandparents in your life, or would like to gift them an anniversary session, don't wait for the right time or for another year to go by. I offer one complimentary grandparent session* a year, so if you'd be interested in an opportunity for those in your life to receive one of these sessions, simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

To those who have given a home to a child in need

There are many children in this world who need loving homes, and at the same time, many couples that cannot have or decided not to have children of their own, so they chose to adopt instead. If you are a family that has adopted a child and you would like to be considered for a complimentary Real Life family session*, please fill in the form below. One lucky family of an adopted child will be selected each year for this in-home, documentary-style family session.

Complimentary sessions include:

• Up to 60 minutes of photography time
• 10 edited images available for download from an online gallery*

*Additional images may be purchased if desired.

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There’s a photo of my Grandpa Tony that Dawn took last spring, that is just so him. His smile is so wide it made his eyes squint. I can hear his chuckle, just by looking at that image. The photos Dawn captured that day, of my Grandparents, at home, in their element are something I’ll cherish forever.”
— Kristin