Friday, July 10, 2015

Joanna + Mitch | Downtown Buffalo Wedding

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Joanna + Mitch first officially met on the elevator of their apartment building in Chicago, and kicked off their first date by meeting in the lobby. I say "officially" met because Mitch had first noticed her at the gym they both went to, and then one day happened to realize they lived in the same building. If that wasn't crazy enough, they also share the same birthday. Stories like this – and their beautiful wedding at the Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo, NY – give me goosebumps and make my heart melt. Congratulations, Joanna + Mitch!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lina + Eugene | Hotel Lafayette and Buffalo Rooftop Engagement Session

Imagine being wrapped up in the arms of the one you love in some of your favorite places around Buffalo – as if no one else is there and no one else matters. That's the feeling I get when looking back on Lina + Eugene's engagement session. Even though I was there and many other people were around at various points during their session, their love for one another and deep connection really shines in these images and I couldn't be more proud to share them. 

Special thank you to Mike A's and Butterwood Sweet & Savory for letting us use their amazing restaurant spaces for this engagement session. And to Lina + Eugene's friend, Kash, for the use of his rooftop at sunset!


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