Thursday, July 24, 2014

Erica + Zac | Countryside Engagement Session

I've shared a ton of urban engagement sessions lately, so I wanted to take a quick minute to mix it up a bit and share a recent countryside engagement session that I'm absolutely smitten over.

The day of Erica + Zac's engagement session, we got in about 10 minutes of photos before the sky opened up and downpourred on us. But those 10 minutes before the downpour were filled with the most amazing heavenly-looking clouds, followed by the dark and stormy clouds that make for the most beautiful, dramatic images. After the rain passed over, we headed back out and did some exploring around Zac's family property. To grow up on a property like this would be incredible. A little pond complete with zip line and nearby tree swing, lots of open space to roam and play and views for miles of nothing but rolling hills, clouds in the skies, and I'm sure beautiful sunsets. Yep, I'd need to be pinched every day if I lived here.

Erica + Zac, thank you so much for inviting me out to a such a special place in your lives and for spending the evening making beautiful photos with me (and hiding out from the rain until it passed)!


 photo 2014-07-24_0001_zps3fcdec5b.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0002_zps672d2707.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0003_zps0f2faeeb.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0005_zpsaede456f.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0006_zps18f180fc.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0007_zpsb464c9a3.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0008_zps03546f80.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0009_zpsab0ca439.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0010_zps4ab71599.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0011_zpsfa8ea1a8.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0013_zpsd094cdd5.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0014_zps5aeb1a85.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0015_zpsb8848384.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0016_zps27d21a5e.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0017_zps82823fa7.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0018_zps189febcb.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0019_zpsc4e6b3b3.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0020_zps0c916c95.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0021_zpsb963b62b.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0022_zps7702944a.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0023_zps0d1459a8.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0024_zpsa354b656.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0025_zps4583835e.jpg

We even included their beautiful baby daughter in a few photos before Zac had to leave for work. Isn't she the cutest thing!?

 photo 2014-07-24_0026_zps9324dffa.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0027_zps226d8327.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0028_zps36329017.jpg
 photo 2014-07-24_0029_zps62a5fd5f.jpg

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kristin + John Paul | Fountainbleau Inn Wedding Reception | Ithaca, NY

Kristin + John Paul (JP) married in a just-the-two-of-them elopement in Virginia, and then planned a party to celebrate just outside Ithaca, NY at the beautiful Fountainbleau Inn with some of their closest family and friends. From start to finish, everything about their wedding reception was incredible. The venue was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and most of all, the love shared between everyone was infectious – in the best way possible. Not to mention, there was a giant Jenga game, the cutest dog, a surprise "hippie" dress addition for the mother-son dance, a live song performance for the bride by her closest girlfriends, and Greek traditional dances (that I secretly wish someone would teach me someday because it looks like SO much fun). But above all else, I loved Kristin + JP to pieces. They have the sweetest hearts and were so welcoming from the moment I arrived. And the fact that they cherished their love enough to do an elopement so it could be just the two of them in that special moment of saying their vows, makes me appreciate their love on an entirely new level. They knew how to make their wedding exactly as they wanted it to be, and I like to think it turned out even better than they planned on.

Also, this is by far my longest wedding post. I am typically not a fan of really long posts but this was a really hard wedding to narrow down favorites for. So consider that fair warning to get cozy for a few minutes. :-)


 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_001_blog_zps0c8da48d.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_014_blog_zpsd123a922.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_021_blog_zpsf7b90763.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_030_blog_zpse1eb80ed.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_066_blog_zps9815f807.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_036_blog_zps31043c78.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_040_blog_zps051992fe.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_052_blog_zps0ab37209.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_080_blog_zps7c1868b6.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_089_blog_zps628a1e4b.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_099_blog_zps21fec918.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_106_blog_zps14b6c8bf.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_116_blog_zpsa2248401.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_123_blog_zps5c7ccf5a.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_129_blog_zpsd4c0e769.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_140_blog_zpscc2ec288.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_147_blog_zpsd0732ab2.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_155_blog_zps864e72ae.jpg
 photo BenanteReception_DawnMGibson_152_blog_zps2343c5c7.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0002_zpsea42e8fc.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0001_zps4489cfa9.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0003_zpsd985d9fe.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0004_zps05ef56c7.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0005_zpse62d3b47.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0006_zps8dc4edeb.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0007_zps0366803e.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0008_zps9be17ad6.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0009_zps68040814.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0010_zps8c3f5422.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0011_zpsd503b729.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0012_zpsfa300fff.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0013_zpsd100ea3c.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0014_zps1abe5689.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0015_zps786a86f6.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0016_zps779010f8.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0017_zps36023861.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0018_zpsbb5ccfd3.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0019_zps13445dbb.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0020_zps34aa05fb.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0021_zps59dd526f.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0022_zpsf397728c.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0023_zps091aff80.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0024_zps4a427412.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0025_zps3ccacd4b.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0026_zpse8a3b5b8.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0027_zps668350b1.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0028_zps2372e157.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0029_zpsda58190d.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0030_zps4c2e590a.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0031_zps3f42f36d.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0032_zps95ab8fed.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0033_zps26317e63.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0034_zpsd84ba8e5.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0035_zps98c650da.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0036_zps2966bb16.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0037_zpsc211ca34.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0038_zpsfaae73e6.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0039_zpscf615614.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0040_zps287088c4.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0041_zpsfc77dd0a.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0042_zpsbbc0ea23.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0043_zps031d5cd8.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0044_zpsf1482a82.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0045_zps05606cf4.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0046_zpscf770e0a.jpg
 photo 2014-07-10_0047_zps5f6820c0.jpg

Congratulations again, Kristin + JP!

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