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Last Saturday I kicked off the 2017 wedding season with Steve + Mike at Timberlodge and I'm incredibly excited to share a tiny peak into their wedding day with you today while the full set of images is still in editing progress. It was a special day full of surprises and laughter, from the very start. Steve and Mike had a relaxed morning, getting ready together and then venturing out for photos before their family and guests started to arrive. Rather than spending a lot of the day tucked away or out taking photos, they were able to spend nearly every minute of their wedding day mingling with family and friends.

Even more than the relaxed feeling their day had, there was a TON of excitement. Their ceremony was so personalized and heartfelt, with laughter and tears flowing. Their formal introduction to the reception was quite simply epic, and they had they surprised guests with a dessert bar lineup to drool over and that everyone anxious to snag some! And best of all: their dance floor was a non-stop party.

I am so honored to share their a little preview into their wedding day, but first, a few thoughts from the grooms:

How would you describe your wedding vision/theme? We wanted our wedding to be breezy and casual and leave as much possible time for dancing. We also wanted things to be memorable and different, which is why we tried to be unique with our ceremony, our vows, our dessert, our first song, etc. But we wanted to make sure that people realized how in love we were and how happy we were to have everyone there! We are so grateful that so many friends and family could make it!

Favorite moments/memories from the wedding? Is "everything" an appropriate answer? We loved having our nieces and nephews walk down the aisle, we thought Cindy's first time as an officiant was remarkable, we had so much fun dancing, thought the food was amazing, the music was incredible, the venue looked gorgeous. It honestly was perfect. We loved it all! It is too hard to narrow down a "moment" or a "memory." Although...the laser picture of the cats warmed our hearts since they could not attend :)

Do you have any recommendations for future couples planning a wedding? Don't stress out! Focus on having fun. Take the recommendations of the staff at your venue and if other people you know have had their wedding at the venue, ask what they think. We trusted others' opinions and they were 100% accurate. Sometimes it's hard to alter your plans, but we just winged a bunch of stuff and didn't get upset when things didn't work out. Also, we included many people in our wedding that we have known for years (for dessert, our officiant, etc.) and that made things feel so much more significant and genuine. If that opportunity arises, we highly recommend it!

Special shout out to all the vendors!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Timberlodge at Arrowhead Golf Course
Wedding Coordinator: Anna Frey (of Timberlodge)
Officiant: Cindy Hickey
Photographer: Dawn M Gibson Photography
Desserts: Dairy Queen on Brighton Road (& Girl Scout cookies)
DJ/Band/Entertainment: Toy Bros.
Invitations: Vista Print (lol)
Wedding Attire for the Grooms: Banana Republic pants, Express suit coat, Calvin Klein belt, Kenneth Cole shirt and shoes, bow ties and boutonnieres from Etsy
Instead of Favors: Donations were made to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and The Human Rights Campaign
Late night food/snacks provided by: Timberlodge


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