Buffalo Birth Photography at Millard Fillmore Suburban | Welcoming Ava

The most wonderful thing about birth is that each story is truly unique. The method of delivery, the location, the time of day, and of course the way in which each mama labors. Well, let me just say, this mama was a total rockstar. I got the call to go to Millard Fillmore Suburban for her labor and delivery in the overnight hours, and there was such a calm in the room as I entered. Dad was getting some rest and mom was handling her contractions like a champ solo! We shared in conversation to distract mama from her contractions and help pass the time and before long, they were welcoming their beautiful daughter into the word! Then just like that, they were off to get a bit of rest just as the new day was beginning, and I exited their delivery room just as quietly as I entered. It was probably the calmest and quietest of births I've photographed, just like the morning hours in which it all took place.

If you are interested in having your birth documented, I'm excited to announce that I still have several openings for October 2018 and onward. My offerings have expanded as well, so that not only will I continue to offer the on-call birth photography services I've had the last several years, but I am now offering Off-Call services (for last minute inquiries) as well as First Hours (Fresh 48) Sessions (for those who just want coverage post-delivery). If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, please don't hesitate to inquire today for a free consult! I'm happy to go over any questions you may have and walk you through everything either over the phone, or (preferably) at a comfortable in-person location.

And if you're having a hard time deciding if birth coverage of any kind is for you, take a few moments to read this mama's first hand feedback of her experience! And then of course, be sure to stick around for the beautiful images that follow!

Why was having your baby's birth photographed important to you?

It was so important to me because I have two older children that I didn't have their births photographed and I regret not doing It. It's such a blur and there's so much to try to take in and remember during the chaos of the moment that I wish I remembered the moments more. I knew that being able to capture our last child being born would help me/us remember the moments that much more. Sure enough, looking at these pictures helps us remember it all, that much more.

How would you describe the experience of having me in the room with you throughout the waiting and delivery process? Was it helpful to pass the time, a distraction?

Having Dawn in the delivery room while we got through labor and waited for the baby to arrive was literally a godsend! It was all throughout the night and very late into the morning hours and she was amazing. She distracted me and was very reassuring and helpful offering her own help often, on top of capturing great pictures the whole time! My fiance slept most of the process lol! Dawn jumped up and took control being a great support person. She truly was amazing! I'm so glad she was there honestly!

What does having the photos of your labor & delivery mean to you?

It means the world to me to have these photos. I'll never have this time back, of having our daughter. It's truly a once in a lifetime deal. You'll only get this moment once and you cant get it back after. I'll always be able to pull out these photos and remember the day though, like it was yesterday, thanks to having them now. Thanks to Dawn we'll have these memories forever.