Buffalo Birth Photography: The Smiths

Carly + Phil were one of my wedding couples from 2015, and over the years, they have become incredible friends. Their family feels like my extended family – largely in part to my close friendship with Phil's sister. I'll never forget the day they told me they were expecting and the excitement I felt the morning they told me they were at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their first-born. Somehow, they had the strength to not find out what they were having prior to the delivery – boy or girl?! – so to see the expressions on their faces when they welcomed their baby boy into this world was a truly special moment.

One thing I learned on this shoot and wanted to share for anyone who might be interested in a birth story... even if the couple desires a photographer to be at their birth, and the doctor okays it, some hospitals have policies that do not allow any photography during the actual delivery. I totally get it and understand why. But man, this was TOUGH for me seeing so many incredible moments and expressions happen right in front of me and not be able to document it for the couple. But it makes me even more thankful for the nurses understanding to capture a few when Carly + Phil first found out what they were having, and that I was able to snag this super sweet moment of baby Smith's first time in mama's arms. These are easily some of my favorite images and a reminder again of why I love birth stories oh-so-much.

But enough of my rambling.. and on to the good stuff: the select handful of my favorite moments from the Smiths' Birth Story!!

Located in WNY and interested in more details on having me photograph your birth story? Please inquire today! I'm now blocking dates for births in fall 2016 and winter of 2017.