Jillian + Matthew's Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Mansion on Delaware Avenue | Buffalo Wedding Photographer

One of the fondest memories I have from Jillian and Matthew’s wedding day at the Mansion on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY this past September is when I asked Matthew’s son, Wylie, what he was most looking forward to that day. His response was: “seeing someone very special to me join our family.” Isn’t that what a wedding is – and should be – all about? Families joining and loved ones coming together to celebrate. It really is as simple and significant as that all at the same time.

From start to finish, everything about Jillian and Matthew’s wedding day was true to them, which made every minute that much more special. Everything took place at the Mansion – bridal prep, ceremony, all the portraits, and the reception – allowing them to keep the flow of the day uncomplicated and centered around their desire to spend time celebrating with loved ones. They did an informal first look where Matthew just came to Jillian’s room to see her, and they invited everyone to the dance floor after each of their formal dances. Even their ceremony felt laid back and casual, with Jillian making her way to Matthew and Wylie through a crowd of loved ones with her parents on each arm. The floral arrangements from William’s Florist, were a beautiful pop of color throughout the venue (and everything Jillian hoped for!); their wedding cake shaped like a hot-dog will always be memorable; and the band, Nickel City Pimp Choir, kept the dance floor moving late into the night. It was such an honor to photograph this beautiful wedding day and the joining of two incredible families as one.