Real Life

Hornbuckle Real Life Family Session | WNY Documentary Family Photographer

Time is such a crazy thing. It goes by so fast, and yet sometimes it feels like no time has even passed at all. It seriously feels like it was not that long ago that I first met Jes and Brian for their engagement photos. Yet since that day.. I've now photographed their wedding, the birth story of their first son, a mini family session, and now an in-home real life family session for their son's first birthday! Kind of crazy, but all so very, very awesome at the same time. It has filled my heart and then some to be able to watch their love and family grow, and to be able to provide them photographs for so many once-in-a-lifetime days/experiences/moments in their lives. And this latest session might just be one of my absolute favorites yet!

The Bond Family's Real Life Family Session | WNY Documentary Family Photography

I'm all sorts of obsessed with documenting everyday moments of families in their homes, or as I call them, Real Life family sessions. And it brings me even greater joy when those sessions are with past wedding clients. These are the images that make my soul sing, and that make me squeal with joy and sometimes even tear up with all sorts of emotions of the tiniest yet most significant thing I know I'm documenting. These are the moments I want my clients to pass down for generations, and that I know will fill their hearts with so much joy for having images like this to show their children one day.

And with that said, I'm just going to dive right into the Real Life session I had with the Bond family last week. One thing to note... during this session, Maria and I discussed our obsession with all things white, black, and grey. So I make no apologies that this post is mostly black and white images because I know at least Maria would understand the pull black and white has on me, even in images!