WNY Birth Photographer at Buffalo Midwifery Services | The Arena Family

While I have now photographed many hospital births, this visual story I'm about to share is to date, still my only non-hospital birth, but it was probably one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had the chance to photograph. Last April (I can't believe it's taken me a year to make this post!) the Arenas called me when they were on their way to their birthing location, Buffalo Midwifery Services, and I met them there upon their arrival since they had just a touch longer drive than I did. Within minutes of our arrival, their third child – a beautiful baby girl – entered this world. After their daughter was born, mom was able to hold on to her baby and breastfeed for a bit with the umbilical chord still attached. As soon as they felt ready to go home, they packed up their things and their newest baby, and headed on their way!

After such an amazing experience with the Arenas at the Buffalo Midwifery Services, I would absolutely love to be a part of more natural births, whether at home, at the Midwifery Services location on Summer St, or at any of the Birthing Center locations in WNY or Rochester. So as a special offer for the next 3 non-hospital births to book photography services with me, I will be providing a discounted rate for birth photography services. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in this incredible opportunity, drop me a line on my inquire page.

P.S. The women at Buffalo Midwifery Services are phenomenal with all they do to help moms bring their babies into this world. Eileen Stewart and her assistant, LuAnn, were inspiring to watch during the Arena's Birth Story, and I cannot wait to work with them again! If you're looking for more information on their services, check out their website here.

Arena Birth Story