Judy + Becca's Industrial Chic Wedding at The Foundry Suites: Part 2 | Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Judy + Becca's Wedding Day

Judy + Becca's story started out as many love stories do: two strangers becoming best friends, who not long after realized they had actually found the love of their life.

"...We saw each other often, for living so far away from each other. In 2010, we took a trip together (just the two of us) back up north – we visited both Michigan and NY. During this trip was when we both realized there was something more between us, it was this unspoken thing. At the end of the trip when we were saying goodbye at the airport, a crying mess as usual, we exchanged letters. We didn't even know the other had written during the trip. In these letters we both pretty much said the same things to each other –  we confessed our "secret" feelings, expressed the confusion and how complicated we knew it was, and how scared we were that we were going to ruin the friendship by admitting this. It was pretty surreal and things changed really fast from that moment on. We talked it through for weeks, left our other relationships, and within 2 months I was in Raleigh with Becca and our new life together began."

They got engaged (in London!) on a 3-week European vacation together in 2014, and had one epic wedding celebration this past June at The Foundry Suites in Buffalo, NY (near Judy's hometown). Both women have necklaces that say "2 Become 1 / Judy & Becca" – which is entirely appropriate since they originally met on a Spice Girls forum online and are both huge fans of Melanie C (as a solo artist). Friends of Judy + Becca's from all over the world – Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Arizona, Europe and even South America – came to watch them exchange vows and dance in celebration with them along to Spice Girls and so many other incredible musical talents. From Judy + Becca:

"It means the world to us that people put in such an effort to be there with us."

While Judy + Becca's favorite memories were dancing all night surrounded by of all those who traveled to celebrate with them, I personally will never forget the way they looked at and held on to one another. Throughout the entire day – from the excitement during morning prep, to their amazement at the congratulations they received from strangers on the streets of Buffalo, and during every moment of the ceremony and reception – their laughter was contagious and their love poured out every where they went. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that they chose me to document just a small portion of their love story: their wedding day. And I'm super stoked to finally share some of my favorite images from a day I'm sure none of us will forget.

(Also, if you missed it, this is actually Part 2 – check out their Part 1 post here).

Congratulations again to you both!!

Special thanks to all the vendors:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Foundry Suites
Officiant: Katie Mackin
Photographer: Dawn M Gibson Photography
Florist: Fern Croft
Cake/Bakery: Bonnie Szydlo (family friend)
DJ/Band/Entertainment: Guillermo Delgado (not the DJ but was in charge of our playlists and made announcements with the mic when necessary)
Invitations: Designed by Judy Corsi, printed by Rauhaus Design+Letterpress
Makeup: Jennasha Graves-Ramos
Bride's Dresses: BHLDN