Judy + Becca's Industrial Chic Wedding at The Foundry Suites: Part 1 | Buffalo Wedding Photographer

"Do it for YOU, not for anyone else."

Those are words that Judy + Becca shared when I asked them if they had any recommendations for future couples planning a wedding.

It's such a simple and yet powerful statement that perfectly sums up how everyone should approach marriage, wedding days, and any aspect of wedding planning for that matter. Don't get married because someone thinks "it's time" to take the next step if you're not ready to make that commitment. Instead, get married because you can't imagine your life without that person by your side, and because you know fully in your heart you're willing to commit to that person 100% for the rest of your lives, through good AND the bad days. Don't plan a big, over-the-top wedding day just because your parents would be upset if your entire family and all of their friends weren't invited to the celebration, if your idea of a perfect wedding is simply eloping at City Hall or exchanging secret vows on a mountain top. Go to the mountain top and plan a little celebration after – if you want – with the people who are most important in your life. And certainly don't plan things in your wedding day if it's not what you want. Sure, there are long-standing traditions in weddings and if that is what is important to you, then by all means include those traditions. But if you're finding yourself asking why you're doing something, or more maybe more appropriate, why you have to do something... then maybe it's time you took a step back and asked yourself what it is that's really important to YOU.

On a related note, I also firmly believe that if a couple wants to get married – regardless of what any other person in the world might think – then who's right is it of anyone else to deny an individual that wish to marry the person they love? We are all unique individuals with our own personal desires and needs, and our own unique ways of loving another person. 

I am beyond grateful to have witnessed first-hand how Judy + Becca love one another. And to have had the opportunity to document their love and the moments of their wedding day this past June. Today I am posting just a teeny glimpse from Judy + Becca's wedding day: a small sampling of my favorites from their "portrait time" before their ceremony. I'll be sharing their full wedding day story later on in the weekend so be sure to stay tuned for Part 2!

Special thanks to all the vendors:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Foundry Suites
Officiant: Katie Mackin
Photographer: Dawn M Gibson Photography
Florist: Fern Croft
Cake/Bakery: Bonnie Szydlo (family friend)
DJ/Band/Entertainment: Guillermo Delgado (not the DJ but was in charge of our playlists and made announcements with the mic when necessary)
Invitations: Designed by Judy Corsi, printed by Rauhaus Design+Letterpress
Makeup: Jennasha Graves-Ramos
Bride's Dresses: BHLDN